About the Association

All units at Maple Terrace are condos and owners are represented via membership in the Maple Terrace Condo Association. This also means units are subject to monthly dues - commonly referred to as HOA or Homeowners Association Fees. All buyers are invited to ask your realtor or the seller you are working with for detailed information on how dues are calculated, dues amounts, as well as assessments that are occasionally shared by all owners. The owners of Maple Terrace condos and the Board of Directors for the Maple Terrace Condo Association work together diligently to ensure assessments are kept to a minium as often as is feasible. 


The Association maintains two committees that welcome owners' involvement: the Property and Finance committees respectively. An external bookeeper is retained to keep strong financial management safeguards in place. Together, the Association and Owners have elected to continue with a volunteer board structure rather than outsourcing association and property management to a third party.

Board of Directors

Eligible owners elected annually.

Property Committee

Open to residents.

Finance Committee

Comprised of Board Members & Bookeeper.